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Warehousing & Distribution LED Lighting

recent project carried out for led lighting in manchester

Factories and warehouses typically have long operating hours, meaning lighting is an essential part of the operation. Lighting can sometimes account for over 70% of a electricity usage and with traditional lighting these costs can soon mount up and become increasingly expensive, especially when factoring in maintenance costs.

Warehousing & Distribution LED lighting can help to reduce a warehouses lighting energy usage by up to 70% which helps the business make huge savings on energy costs whilst improving light levels and eliminating maintenance costs.

In recent years Warehousing & Distribution LED lighting has become an affordable option for businesses such as warehouses, with project payback periods ranging from just 12 to 36 months.

A Long Term Solution
Whilst LED luminaires are more expensive to purchase than their traditional equivalents, their energy efficiency more than makes up for it.

LED lighting is so energy efficient as they can produce the same amount of light for a much lower power usage.

Because the savings can be significant, an LED lighting installation isn’t just a quick way to save money, it is a long term solution that will provide the business with brilliant lighting at a fraction of the running costs. A specific benefit of cold store application is that cool operating temperature of LED lights, which actually reduce the energy spend of fridges, aircon etc to combat the heat from the lights.

recent work carried out for led lighting in manchester

Eliminate Maintenance
LED lights often have a lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours, which means a business can save money and time on their maintenance costs as they do not need to replace them as they do traditional units. LED luminaires last much longer than other types of traditional lamps – sometimes up to 10 times longer.

Improved Lighting Levels
Lighting levels can also be greatly increased by the installation of LED lights if required. LED’s give off a more vibrant and bright light compared to traditional lamps, which can sometimes give off a yellow glow that make the workplace feel dingy and dim. The striking lights can cover a warehouse floor with brightness and give better visibility in all areas. Higher levels of light improves health and safety, employee well-being and also help to improve productivity, as studies show that bright LED lit businesses have better productivity levels than businesses fitted with traditional fluorescent lights.