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LED Lighting for Leisure & Retail

LED Lighting in Leisure and Retail applications has several benefits.

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As well as the typical benefits of reduced energy usage, this application is where LED Lighting for Leisure & Retail really shines. LEDs typically provide an even better lux output than their traditional lighting equivalents, improving visibility and lighting conditions. LED lighting for Leisure & Retail can improve the atmosphere and ambience of a building, greatly modernising its appearance without any actual redecoration required.

The light given out by LED lighting is softer and less harsh on people’s eyes. It also doesn’t suffer from flicker, which is a large problem with traditional lighting, and can cause issues with focus, headaches and vision.

For sports applications, lighting is an important part of the facility. LED lighting can ensure minimum lux requirements are reached, good uniformity is provided, and glare is reduced, all whilst saving energy compared to traditional lights.

Lighting beautiful retail spaces is all about giving off the perfect ambience combined with the recommended optimal light levels to show your customers your products and services.  Generating justified attention to merchandise, positioning your brand, navigating customers around the store and creating a thoroughly memorable experience is important because it captures your customer imagination, and influences sales.  Lighting is one of the subtlest ways of delivering ambience, building excitement, and providing comfort in a retail environment.

Getting the balance right is very important, ensuring flexibility in your design, to allow merchandisers to develop their in-store layouts maximising lighting performance and customer experience.

Antiquated, traditional lighting generates huge amounts of heat (as wasted energy), in retail environments. LED lighting operates at much lower temperatures, so that installations are much cooler, and more comfortable for your customers to browse in.

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