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Education LED Lighting

LED Lighting has been found to increase productivity and help students focus.

recent project carried out for led lighting in manchester

Studies have found that learning performance can be directly affected by lighting, with analysis showing that different colour temperatures and lux levels can even impact on test results*. LED Lighting now offers a complete range of product types to help suit schools to upgrade in the most cost-efficient way for lighting needs.

A flickering, buzzing or heat producing light fitting can cause distractions in any learning environment where the focus is key. LED Lighting does not flicker, buzz or give off any significant heat meaning no unnecessary distractions.

Traditional lighting such as fluorescents are also susceptible to regularly failing bulbs leading to costly maintenance issues and significant decreases in lumen output over a short time, but with an Education LED Lighting upgrade these issues can be almost eliminated.
80% of schools are still fitted with lighting that flickers at 100 hertz**. A flicker of this frequency is often seen in fluorescent lights with magnetic ballasts. Research shows that flickering between 100 Hz and 200 Hz can have an adverse effect on visual performance and can lead to loss of concentration, headaches and anxiety. These reactions can greatly diminish a student’s ability to learn, and at such a vital time in their life it is important they are provided with the right learning environment.

1. reduced energy consumption by 50% – 90%, reducing bills and CO2 emissions/taxes
2. eliminate maintenance requirements
3. operational life of 100,000 hours +
4. improve quality of light, productivity, employee well-being and health & safety
5. immediate 100% light output when switched – no warm-up period
6. typically provide a project payback period of 12-36 months and benefits from tax breaks such as Enhanced Capital Allowances

*Source – https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/lighting-boost-learning-concentration_us_5720cb14e4b0b49df6a9b73e)

**Source – http://luxreview.com/article/2017/03/80-of-uk-school-kids-at-flicker-risk-from-old-lights

For all your Education LED Lighting needs, don’t hesitate to contact Perfect Sense Energy today. We’re waiting to take your call and see where we can help you!

recent work carried out for led lighting in manchester

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