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Manufacturing LED Lighting

Manufacturing plants are notorious for their high energy usage. Installing LED lighting is a great way to make a significant reduction in energy usage whilst also benefitting in a number of other areas.

Significant Energy Savings
A Manufacturing LED lighting upgrade can offer energy savings of up to 80%, with LED replacements most often offering improved lux levels compared to their traditional counterparts. The resultant reduction in energy costs for your business will be significant, saving you money on your energy bills and allowing your business to reduce their carbon footprint.

Operational Lifespan
LED Lighting has a long operational lifespan, with an estimated usage of 50,000+ hours on average. This long lifespan helps eliminate maintenance and means that an upgrade installation will provide a business with excellent lighting for many years or even decades to come.

Costly Maintenance Is Almost Eliminated
Maintenance of old lighting can be costly, time consuming, expensive and can impact business operations. With an LED lighting upgrade your businesses lighting maintenance requirements are practically eliminated, with the only requirement being a wipe down in particularly dirty areas as necessary.

Other Benefits
LED lighting also offers higher light levels (lux) over older types of light, providing higher visibility and promoting increased productivity and employee morale in the workplace. A Manufacturing LED Lighting upgrade can help businesses meet health and safety regulations, providing a better working environment for their employees, as well as improving their energy efficiency rating.

The Financial Benefits For My Business?
LED lighting installations will often have an attractive Return on Investment of between 35 & 120% per annum, producing project payback periods of just 8 to 36 months depending on current lighting, operating hours, electricity charges and current maintenance costs.

How do you get your new LED Lighting installed?

That’s simple. All you have to do is contact the experts at Perfect Sense Energy today and we will discuss your requirements and arrange for a free of charge, no obligation quotation on your individual requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.